Lean Software Development

Lean Software Development

Slim your software development process.

The software is the heart and soul of a vast number of products and business processes; every year the ability to develop robust software systems quickly and reliably becomes more critical to the world economy. Yet all too often companies use software development processes that were born when systems were coded in assembly language and computer hardware was more expensive than programmers' salaries.

Today we have pervasive internet, omnipresent social media, big data, and massively scalable hardware. These advances have flourished largely outside the realm of traditional software development practices, and they call into question the conventional wisdom of what it means to develop, scale, and maintain excellent software-intensive systems.

It's time to re-think our approach to software development processes, our perception of the people who create software, and our governance systems. This two-day workshop presents an alternative framework for thinking about developing software-intensive systems - one based on Lean principles and focused on innovation.

By attending this course you will learn:

  • How to discover what customers really want.

  • Who should design/engineer solutions to customer problems.

  • How to look at your process from a customer's point of view and identify waste.

  • What's wrong with software testing and what you have to do to fix it.

  • What organizational structures are most likely to foster innovation.

  • Scheduling strategies that permit confident promise-dating and reliable delivery.

  • Tools for problem solving that everyone in the organization can use.

  • Leadership roles that work - from the perspective of followers.

This course is intended for managers, leaders and all people involved in making decisions about how software-intensive products are developed.

No special knowledge is required however, you will be asked to read short articles and watch videos on each topic prior to the workshop - come prepared for a thoughtful discussion!

  • Build the Right Thing
    • Beyond Requirements
    • The Roles of Engineering & Design
    • Feedback: Lessons from Lean Startup
  • Build the Thing Right
    • Learn to See Waste
    • Mistake-Proof the Process
    • Map the Value Stream
  • Focus on Flow
    • Manage Workflow
    • Limit Work-in-Progress
    • Increase the Pace of Delivery
  • Build the Right Organization
    • Motivation
    • Leadership Roles
    • Multi-Disciplined Teams
  • Learn to Improve
    • Improvement Kata
    • The Coaching Role
    • Problem Solving


2 days.




Participants are awarded 16 Scrum Education Units (SEUs) towards Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) certification.

To apply for the training you need to accept Training Terms and Conditions.


Impressing, lot of examples and ideas to try

Michał Grześkowiak


Inne spojrzenie - przeciwwaga dla ludzi chcących wprowadzić wszędzie Scruma i lepsze zrozumienie po co robimy projekty

Jakub Drzazga