SCARF Model for understanding the change

“Being irrational” has rather negative connotation in our culture. We want to be like Mr. Spock, making emotionless decisions. However, recent brain research shows that rationality is overrated and our ‘lizard brain’ responsible for emotions is having way more influence on our behavior than we think or would like to.

One of these researches shows that social needs are basic needs and we react to threat to our status the same way as we react to encounter with a bear in a forest. Dawid Rock had come with a pretty useful model for understanding what people are looking for and trying to avoid from their social group. Let’s look at this model to better understand how can we drive Agile change (or any other decision) in our organization. To put theory into a practice, we will look at two useful tools as well.

First time presented at ScrumImpulz Conference 2016 in Bratilsava, Slovakia