06.11.2023 Wystąpienia

Talk LeSS 2023 | Konrad Grzegory | LeSS in gamedev. When LeSS meets creativity

Dive into the insightful presentation by Konrad Grzegory, Agile Coach at CD Projekt Red from the Talk LeSS: https://talkless.pl/ conference held in Warsaw on June 17, 2023. 

Imagine you are dreaming and it is an "agilist wet dream". You do not have to discover the product you are working on. It is right there in front of everybody. Finally you can see it, even touch it! Everybody wants to contribute, to make it better! It looks like ... This is what we will discover.

About the speaker: Konrad has started in IT and Technology and then constantly grow in different industries both in EU and Poland enterprises. Several years ago he got opportunity to pivot his career and focus on Agile and those companies which feel the need for change. After banking, telecommunications now he enjoys incredible Agile journey with CD PROJEKT (Polish Game Development Studio known from world wide franchises like The Witcher or Cyberpunk 2077).

About the Conference: Talk LeSS conference aims to "talk less, learn more" about Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) adoption and boosting organizational agility. Attendees gain practical insights into simplifying organizational complexities and tackling challenges in extensive product development settings. The goal is to forge an adaptive organization at scale, fostering innovation, teamwork, and improved performance.