Talk LeSS 2023 | Krzysztof Niewinski | Seeing the Whole: Systems Thinking as Your Superpower.

Ever wondered why some problems stubbornly persist and corrective actions backfire? Noticed how local improvements in one department can spark issues in another part of the company? How can we broaden our perception, anticipate consequences sooner, and act more integrally? Come explore the fundamentals of Systems Thinking - the discipline of seeing the whole. During the talk, you'll learn what is Systems Thinking and how it can shift the way you make decisions. I'll show you how to understand situations better and forecast what comes next. Using a real-life example, we'll create a Causal Loop Diagram to illustrate how 'quick fixes' can sometimes do more harm than good, and how to act more wisely with long-term effects in mind.

Dive into the insightful presentation by Krzysztof Niewinski from the Talk LeSS: conference held in Warsaw on June 17, 2023. This event was orchestrated by ProCognita:, specialists in imparting knowledge, tools, and unique perspectives through training, consulting, mentoring, lectures, and simulations.

About the speaker: I have been working in the IT industry since 2005. I am a software engineer, trainer, consultant, and promoter of the Agile and Lean approach. I have been following my path to "agility" for 15 years and I have been in many roles in the process of software development - from a programmer, through analyst, manager, to Scrum Master / Agile Coach. For 7 years I have been professionally involved in creating adaptive, learning, customer-oriented organizations. I work with big Product groups. I am a promoter of the LeSS (Large Scale Scrum) approach in Poland, enabling large-scale product development. I gained my experience in Allegro Group (&PayU), in smaller companies, including VRenetic, Finevare, HRS as well as in large corporations like ERGO, Orange, UPC, or CircleK. I regularly appear at conferences, write articles, and organize the LeSS Warsaw community. About the Conference: Talk LeSS conference aims to "talk less, learn more" about Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) adoption and boosting organizational agility. Attendees gain practical insights into simplifying organizational complexities and tackling challenges in extensive product development settings. The goal is to forge an adaptive organization at scale, fostering innovation, teamwork, and improved performance.