20.04.2015 Artykuły

Agile Value Requirements with Tom & Kai Gilb

Master how you communicate your organization’s ‘real’ requirements in an unambiguous, clear, measurable, and testable way.

Value Requirements

Tom Gilb was developer before most of programming languages has been created. He was telling us about his first job as "junior card punctator". Over the years of working in engineering Tom discovered that it's not the technology that is limiting you but the way how are you describing your requirements. To deal with this problem he has created EVO - method to gather and manage great requirement for your product.

Tom and Kai Gilb were visiting Poland couple times to talk at conferences and provide trainings. If youa re interested what you can learn see below.

If you are interested in organizing this training for you contact us.

Is it important to have measurable requirements?

Leading companies all over the world report achieving great results from using these (EVO) specific techniques. Companies like Boeing, TomTom, BOSCH, Credit Suisse, Philips, Qualcomm, Schlumberger, Nokia, Citigroup, HP and many more. Over 20,000 engineers at Intel have been voluntarily trained in the ‘Planguage’ requirements methods. Smaller firms, like Confirmit, report fantastic numeric results, year after year. All driven by clear quantified requirements.

Agile Value Requirements training

With this workshop, we invite you to learn how to master the requirements process, so as to lead a project to success. You will learn these precious skills from the source, Tom & Kai Gilb.

Learning objectives

This workshop will allow you to walk away with practical ability to improve your projects most critical requirements. You will be able to:

  • Identify, classify and specify critical project and stakeholder requirements.
  • Distinguish, Solutions from Functions from Quality, Value and Performance Requirements.
  • Quantify all variable requirements.

We hope that most participants will choose to study these methods further after the workshop. We will arm you with the skills and material needed.


Right now we are causing our projects to fail by not defining the project requirements well. Many have learned how to succeed. At Intel they learned and reported how they got 50% fewer bugs and 2-300% productivity increase by using Value Requirements. Your choice, keep failing or learn to lead your group to success.

Projects are funded so as to create value to a set of stakeholders. We can call those values for business and stakeholder values. For IT projects, those values are normally created by delivering products with functions that work well for the users, helping the users do what they need to do better. We can call those product values. Examples of product values are usability, performance, security, adaptability, robustness, expandability, reliability and there are many more. Functions and values don’t explain how the product is created, but rather how well the product does what it does. We can call these the outcomes we want to get out of the project. The business, stakeholder and product value (outcomes) define project success.


CEOs, Project managers, Scrum Product Owners, Requirements Authors and their managers, software architects and people in charge of purchasing large systems.