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Cultural Awareness Training with Olaf Lewitz

Learn how to create organization culture that is supporting Agile mindset.

“If you do not manage culture, it manages you, and you may not even be aware of the extent to which this is happening.” – Edgar Schein

52% of organizations report that the single biggest barrier to progress with Agile is organizational culture. – VersionOne State of Agile 2013

The sad reality is that the majority of Agile and Lean initiatives experience failure because they are not aligned with the organizational culture.

Olaf Lewitz is a guy who devoted himself to change it. He is a Certified Scrum Coach and the Trust Artist. He creates safe environments for folks to learn trust themselves and others.

Olaf has been software developer, manager and consultant for 24 years. He has been coaching and consulting hundreds of organizations in various improvement initiatives. He now focuses on shifting culture to increase the potential of individuals and organizations.

  • Do you want to start loving Mondays?
  • Do you want to create an environment where people can flourish?
  • Do you want to create awareness of your organisation's culture and improve it?

If your answer is Yes, this training is for you! Contact us and we will organize it for you

"I dream of workplaces where people want to belong. Where we love to work. Where we have a choice to liberate ourselves from the habits and expectations of the past, to create a new and different future for ourselves and others."

"I’m very interested in organisational culture and especially love helping to make my own work and social environments nice, open, fun places to be.

I found the conversations with Olaf and the other participants really eye-opening and fulfilling, and I think the most useful take-away from the course were the tangible tools and activities that I can bring back to my colleagues and friends! Hopefully we will expose each other’s ideas and dreams, and highlight any ways that our ideal culture is different from what we have today.

Really useful and fun training.” — Feedback by Dee Scarano, Futurice (Rated Europe’s Best Place to Work 2012 and 2013)

Scope of training

You will be able to co-shape the program. Options include:

  • How to create a business case for cultural work in your organization
  • Models for understanding and making sense of culture: Schein, Schneider et al
  • Temenos: discover how we trade authenticity for attachment
  • Real Options: The value of having a choice
  • Facilitate a KrisMap session to visualize your organization's persona
  • Culture Hacking: Why. What. How.
  • Use StrategicPlay® with LEGO® Serious Play™ as a tool for modeling and hacking culture
  • Practice Core Protocols: Share what you think and feel. articulate what you want. Quickly reach consent decisions.
  • Practice non-violent communication
  • Practice compassionate listening
  • Apply Cynefin to make sense of your multiple belongings
  • Leverage the power of stories and storytelling

Learning objectives

In this two day experiential workshop, you will learn:

  • To increase the level of trust in your team culture allowing for fast and focused conversation
  • To facilitate conversations about culture, raise awareness and set the stage for great performance
  • To visualize and articulate the workplace you want
  • To define simple first steps towards improving your work culture for great results.


This course is intended for leaders of all kinds and everyone who’s interested in improving culture in the workplace.

No special knowledge is required, however you will be given some food for thought prior to the workshop - come prepared for thoughtful discussion!

Additional Information

Olaf's website offers a wealth of material on culture and a detailed description of the training: http://trustartist.com/service-portfolio/culture-fitness-training/

The description contains links to various background information and a lot of feedback from past participants of CFT.